Bi-Phasic Otic Gel (Amikacin/Triamcinolone/Ketoconazole/Pracasil)

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Inflammation of the outer ear (otitis externa) is the third-leading cause of visits to the veterinary office for canines.

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The traditional treatment prescribed for otitis typically involves multiple drops in the affected ear(s) multiple times a day, or more recently, a greasy lanolin-based product. These therapies can be challenging for compliance and problematic if there is a tympanic membrane fracture.

Another challenge is the need to deliver medication into the horizontal portion of the canine ear canal, which serves as a place for moisture to settle; an ideal breeding ground for infection.

ScriptWorks Bi-Phasic Gel is a Problem-Solver.

Applied every 7 days to enhance client compliance
Thermoreversible (fluid state when cold, gel state at body temperature)
Bioadhesive to better adhere to, and treat horizontal and vertical canals
Customized multiple ingredients (Antibiotics, Steroids, Antifungals)
Water soluble for easy flushing of the ear due to perforation
Dental abscesses in rabbits
Wound care
Dental care

This medication requires a prescription.

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