Enhancing Scar Care for Humans and Animals: PCCA’s PracaSil®-Plus Base


Author: Bob Brensel | President, Pharmacist | ScriptWorks

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Enhancing Scar Care for Humans and Animals: PCCA’s PracaSil®-Plus Base

Our skilled compounders have been formulating customized compounds for scar reduction for many years, and have become experts in the industry. Our PracaSil®-Plus Gel is a remarkable scar moisturizing gel that has gained recognition for its ability to reduce scars, heal abrasions, and promote healthy skin.

Skin scarring is often judged as insignificant, but can be aesthetically unpleasant and disfiguring, causing distress, anxiety and other psychosocial consequences. Scars may also result in physical symptoms such as tenderness or itching and pain, which negatively affects a person’s quality of life.

Let’s explore more about our specially formulated PracaSil®-Plus Gel and its transformative impact on scar management.

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  • PCCA’s PracaSil®-Plus Gel Base
  • PracaSil®-Plus

The original topical silicone base for scars and other skin conditions, created by PCCA.

PracaSil®-Plus is a distinctive topical anhydrous silicone base, meticulously compounded by ScriptWorks’ experts to specially formulate our PracaSil®-Plus Scar Gel. This versatile gel is formulated in collaboration with doctors and veterinarians to address a wide range of scar-related concerns.

By combining the benefits of silicones (in a semipermeable polymer network) and pracaxi oil (which is rich in skin-friendly fatty acids and lipids), PracaSil®-Plus Gel has become a go-to solution for reducing scars, including keloid and acne scars, while promoting optimal healing.

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1. Applicable for Different Scars: PracaSil®-Plus Gel for ScriptWorks is suitable for new and old scars, surgical scars, keloids, stretch marks, and acne scars. It addresses diverse scar types, making it an ideal choice for comprehensive scar care.


  • All scars (including new,old, keloid, hypertrophic,surgical and acne)
  • Stretch marks
  • Burns
  • Diabetic wounds
  • In formulations with pain relievers, steroids, etc.

2. Long-lasting Moisturization: The gel’s anhydrous silicone base creates a protective barrier that locks in moisture, reduces water loss, and supports the skin’s natural barrier function. This long-lasting moisturization contributes to improved scar healing.

3. Soothing and Nurturing: PracaSil®-Plus Gel provides a soothing environment for scar tissue, reducing inflammation and discomfort commonly associated with scars. It fosters a nurturing atmosphere for optimal healing and scar improvement.

4. Collaboration with Doctors and Veterinarians: ScriptWorks’ compounders work closely with healthcare professionals, including doctors and veterinarians, to customize PracaSil®-Plus Gel formulations based on individual patient needs. This collaborative approach ensures tailored solutions for scar management in both humans and animals.


  • Veterinary
  • Dermatology
  • General surgery
  • Plastic surgery
  • Burn and trauma
  • Oncology
  • Radiation therapy
  • General practice
  • Pain management
  • Pediatrics
  • Sports medicine

Transforming Scar Care for Humans and Animals

By collaborating with doctors and veterinarians, ScriptWorks’ compounders leverage their expertise to address scar-related concerns in diverse patient populations.

From surgical incisions to cuts, abrasions, and skin conditions, our specially formulated PracaSil®-Plus Gel offers a gentle, yet powerful solution for scar reduction. This inclusive approach enables not only MDs to prescribe to their human patients, but also veterinarians and pet owners to provide optimal scar care for their furry friends, promoting their well-being and comfort.

Veterinary Case Study: Horse Scar Reduction Success

Results following one week of treatment

Patients & Practitioners Trust ScriptWorks for Compounded Medications for Scars

In partnership with doctors and veterinarians, ScriptWorks’ compounders have harnessed the power of PracaSil®-Plus Gel to transform scar care for humans and animals alike. This unique gel, with its exceptional formulation, offers a great solution for scar reduction, long-lasting moisturization, and a soothing environment for scar healing.

Practitioners, help your patients through their scar journey with confidence. Trust ScriptWorks, experts in the use of PracaSil®-Plus Gel, to enhance scar care, bringing comfort and healing to both humans and animals.

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