Nitric Oxide (NO) for Blood Flow & Circulation


Author: Bob Brensel | President, Pharmacist | ScriptWorks

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Nitric Oxide is Essential

Our bodies make Nitric Oxide (NO) naturally at adequate levels when we are young. As we age, we produce less of it — and over time, the blood vessels involved in naturally producing NO become less efficient due to free radical damage, inactivity, and poor diet. At the same time, deterioration of veins and arteries results in overall poor circulation — leading to a myriad of health issues.

Adequate Nitric Oxide levels are key to healthy vasodilation (relaxing of blood vessel walls), blood flow, and oxygen delivery. NO is also closely linked to supporting normal, healthy blood pressure levels, and overall cardiovascular health — as well as energy levels, cognitive health, hormonal health, gut health, sexual health, and more.

How Nitric Oxide Supports Whole-Body Health

In the late 1990s, Nobel-Prize-award-winning research revealed that Nitric Oxide (NO) acts as a critical signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system.

This research was only the beginning of a waterfall of research on the importance of nitrates and Nitric Oxide on total-body health.

Cognitive Health

  • Nitric Oxide supports normal cognitive function by increasing oxygen flow to the brain.

Eye Health 

  • NO is shown to regulate intraocular pressure naturally and support overall eye health

Gut Health

  • Nitric Oxide supports gastrointestinal function and helps maintain the gut microbial ecosystem.

Hormone Health 

  • Nitric Oxide helps to regulate the release of hormones and maintain proper hormone balance.

Sexual Health 

  • By improving circulation to sex organs, NO plays a critical role in sexual response and function.

Cardiovascular Health 

  • Nitric Oxide is crucial in relaxing blood vessels and arteries to support strong heart function.

Cardiovascular Health 

  • Nitric Oxide is crucial in relaxing blood vessels and arteries to support strong heart function.

Source: Berkeley Health

Supplements for Nitric Oxide (NO) Support

With so many dietary supplements on the market, it’s hard to know what brands to trust, how much to take, and how to know if it’s working.

Our expert pharmacists are ready to help patients identify and address deficiencies, and work with California’s top practitioners to get patients results.

Nitric Oxide (NO) Support Supplements

We recommend Nitric Oxide Foundation capsules, which are gluten free, dairy-free, and vegan.

Dietary nitrate blends in this Nitric Oxide (NO) support supplement enhance production and sustain NO levels for circulation of blood, oxygen, and vital nutrients throughout the body.

Nitric Oxide supports healthy blood flow, heart function, blood pressure, and oxygen delivery.

Improving NO levels can help support appropriate arousal response and healthy sexual function in men and women.

Science shows that adequate Nitric Oxide levels can help maintain gastrointestinal health.

Just two capsules is all that is needed for daily Nitric Oxide support.

Source: Berkeley Life

Testing Nitric Oxide (NO) in Second

Stop by ScriptWorks to find out if your Nitric Oxide is low. We offer a complimentary saliva test that renders immediate results. See you soon!

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For providers and patients implementing a systems-based approach to whole health, the importance of Nitric Oxide cannot be overlooked or underestimated.

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