Antibiotic Shortage Augmentin Pediatric Suspensions


Author: Bob Brensel | President, Pharmacist | ScriptWorks

Bob Brensel, RPh, earned his Pharmacy Degree at University of the Pacific in Stockton, California in 1980. He was honored as a student with the Longs Drugs Stores, “Outstanding Intern Scholarship” in 1977. Read More →

Addressing Antibiotic Shortage with Compounding Solutions

It was brought to my attention that we have been compounding certain strengths of Augmentin pediatric suspensions for children lately.

Caring for Our Kids Amid an Antibiotic Shortage

All winter long there has been a shortage of pediatric antibiotics. While some strengths of Amoxicillin and Augmentin are becoming available, there are still shortages of common higher dosed strengths of products like Augmentin 600/42.9 mg (Amoxicillin/Clavulanate) pediatric suspensions.

Pharmacies are faced with filling prescriptions for lower doses and having children take more. For example, instead of 1 teaspoonful, they might have to take 2 or 3 or even 4 teaspoonfuls at a time. For some children, this is not an option.

How a Compounding Pharmacy may Help

ScriptWorks is able to take the tablets and create a suspension so that your child doesn’t have to take a larger amount of medicine. We can also add anti-bitter agents and custom flavors to the medicine to make it taste better.

ScriptWorks is unique in that we are contracted with most insurance companies as well as Medi-Cal. We are sometimes able to bill insurance for our services. If your insurance doesn’t cover our services, we will let you know the costs before we make the compound.

The East Bay’s Most Trusted Customized Health Services

Our goal at ScriptWorks is to be an invaluable resource for our local doctors and their patients. If pediatricians or parents have any questions about the availability of a hard-to-get medicine, give us a call at (925) 934-4400 or text us at (925) 667-3834.

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